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Changing Solicitors

You can only have one firm acting for you at a time, but if you want to take advantage of the benefits of having a cycling claims specialist acting for you, then we can usually take over your claim.

Can you act for me if I already have solicitors?

Yes, we can. We take over lots of claims from other firms.

Do you do no-win no-fee?

If we think your claim has merit then we’re always happy to act on a no-win no fee basis, even on cases we take over from other firms

If I want to change solicitors will I need to pay off the previous firm?

No, you won’t. If they’re acting on a no-win, no-fee basis, we will be able to enter into something called a lien. This effectively means that their costs will be put on hold and then recovered at the end of the case, just the same as if they had carried on acting right to the end.

How would it work?

Once you instruct us to assume conduct of your case, we will ask you to sign a form of authority and we’ll do the rest. We’ll get in touch with your former solicitors and to ask for their file. As soon as it arrives, we can get on with your claim with no delay.

Do I have to speak to my old solicitors?

No. Once we have your form of authority, we can take it from there.

How much difference could a specialist bike accident solicitor make?

In short, a lot. We have taken over many cases from people who have started claims with other, more general personal injury firms, and have achieved amazing results, often achieving settlements many times the amount the other firms were recommending the client accept.

Is there a cut off time for when I can switch?

The best results are achieved by carefully assembling every element of the claim, from liability investigations to preparing the evidence of the financial value of your claim.

There’s no hard and fast deadline but the sooner we can take over your case, the better the chance for us to maximise your claim, so don’t delay.

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