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Filtering and Vehicles Turning Left

With the increase in people cycling into our busy cities, the amount of contact between riders and other traffic is only increasing.

Cyclists are rarely as likely to be injured by other traffic than when filtering. Whether its cars recklessly changing lanes, HGVs turning left without doing the proper checks, or vehicles sideswiping a cyclist and knocking them off in the middle of busy traffic, it’s a sad fact that some of the most serious cycling accidents occur when riders are filtering in traffic.

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Can I claim if I’m hit when filtering?

Yes, though how much you will get will depend on the exact circumstances of your accident.

Are cyclists allowed to filter through traffic?

Yes, you are, though there are a few caveats to that. You shouldn’t filter when its likely to bring you into contact with other road users.

Is my speed an issue?

It is. You should only filter at a speed which will allow you to stop if you encounter a hazard.

While the law doesn’t specifically set out what speed this is, courts have tended to interpret this as anything from a slow jogging speed when ts busy, up to about 15mph when traffic is a bit freer.

That said, being found to have been filtering too quickly would only reduce the amount of damages rather than preventing a claim entirely.

Does it matter if I was filtering on the left or the right?

You are entitled to filter on the left or the right and can claim compensation if knocked off when doing either.

What if I’m hit by a vehicle turning left across me?

Vehicles turning left are required to carry out all reasonable checks to ensure its safe to do. This includes checking the road ahead and their inside mirror in case you’re beside or behind them on the left. If you’re hit by a vehicle turning left you can certainly claim.

Can they turn across a cycle lane?

They can but only if its safe to do so. The responsibility for confirming its safe is on the turning vehicle so if they hit you, they’re liable.

Does it matter if I get knocked off in a bus lane?

Generally not, as long as it’s a bus lane that permits cyclists, which will be signposted. If you’re entitled to be in the bus lane, then a bus, including one pulling away from a bus stop, has no more rights as a road user than you do. They have to check its safe to pull into traffic and that includes checking that no cyclists are passing.

What if the driver says that the accident happened because I was cycling in his blind spot?

This is no defence. Drivers are required to check their blind spots for exactly the reason that not doing so causes accidents.

What difference will a specialist solicitor make?

Filtering claims can have a lot of moving parts and the best way to maximise your damages is to have a solicitor who really understands the law around cycling.

At Cyclinglawyer we have all the expertise to identify the key issues resulting in the best possible settlement.

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