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Pedestrian Accident

There’s been a lot in the media about “wanton and furious” cyclists injuring pedestrians, but actually it tends to be the other way around.

Swerving to avoid a careless pedestrian causes a large number of injures to cyclists every year. That’s where Cyclinglawyer can help.


Can I claim for an accident caused by a pedestrian?

Yes, you can. A pedestrian is liable for an injury which they’ve caused in exactly the same manner that a road user is. Unlike car drivers, they don’t have vehicle insurance but that isn’t necessarily a problem

Who do I claim against?

As with any accident, your claim is technically against the person who injured you but the real question is who pays the money on their behalf, which is where insurance comes in.

While everyone knows how car insurance works, many people are also covered by other insurances for injuries they cause to third parties, even when they’re not in the car.

What can I claim for?

You can claim against a pedestrian for any injury they cause to you as well as and financial loss which they cause you. Bike repairs, lost income, and private treatment bills can all be recovered.

Will their home and contents cover it?

Probably. The most common insurance to come with third party liability is home contents insurance. Of the 22.5 million homes in the UK, only 6 million homes are uninsured in some way. As the policies usually cover all of the household there’s a good chance any pedestrian who injures you will be insured.

What if they don’t have insurance?

This doesn’t prevent a claim because your claim is against the person themselves, but it will take longer, and even if you win, the person may not have the assets to satisfy a court judgment against them.

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