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At Cyclinglawyer, we have a detailed technical knowledge of amputee claims and how to achieve the best possible results.

We use leading barristers and instruct top medical experts to methodically build the best possible claim.

Due to the nature of amputee claims, with multiple surgeries and changing prognoses, we obtain interim payments as the claim progresses to help alleviate added finical stress.

As most people don’t know anyone who has been through the process, we’ve put together a rough guide as to what to expect.


What help is available?

While the NHS will deal with the initial trauma, financial constraints mean that they’re not the best equipped to provide rehabilitation of amputees. Beacause of this we will always seek private rehabilitation.

At Cyclinglawyer we instruct private rehabilitation consultants who can both address the physical and psychological elements of your recovery.

When you’re ready, we will work with prosthetics experts who will take advantage of every medical technology to minimise the impact of the accident on your life.

Will I have to pay for it?

No. We will ask the defendant’s insurer to pay for all of your rehabilitation under scheme set out in The Rehabilitation Code. If they won’t do so voluntarily, we will seek interim payments to fund your treatment at the earliest opportunity.

The long-term provision of private medical care, including the ongoing costs of ultramodern prosthetics, will be included in your claim.

How much can I claim for an amputation?

Amputation claims can be very large indeed, but this is because they need to be. We will always look at the impact of the accident on every aspect of your life including accommodation, transport, private medical costs, and any care or assistance you may need, either now or as you get older.

It’s a disappointing fact that disabled people will, over their lifetime, earn less than their able-bodied peers. We will ensure that you are compensated for the difference.

Prosthetics have evolved enormously in the last 20 years, but so has the corresponding cost. We’ll make sure you have the funds to obtain the most effective prosthetics, no matter the cost.

It’s important to be aware that liability for your accident has a major role to play here as any split of liability will affect your damages. That’s why it’s important that you are represented by a specialist cycling accident solicitor who can get you the compensation needed to move on with your life.

Is it normal to be depressed?

It’s normal to be depressed after any serious accident and this is particularly the case after the loss of a limb. Once your claim has started, we can arrange for trauma counselling to help you come to terms with your injury and to help you refocus on your life going forward.

What prosthetics can I get?

Modern prosthetics are amazing and we will have you assessed by leading experts to determine the best prosthesis for you.

They have also become very specialised so in addition to a more “everyday” prosthesis, the experts will recommend prosthetics based on how you live your life.

When you’re ready to get on your bike, you can get a cycling leg, and there are other sports legs from swimming “wet legs” to running blades.

Cosmetic prostheses can have silicone skin based on a digital scan of your other leg, and you may need a “summer leg” to keep the natural look through the year.

Powered limbs which can imitate the movement of muscles and tendons to provide a more even stride are also an option, if that’s what you need.

Prosthetics is all about quality of life and the prosthetic experts we instruct will ensure that they recommend the right prosthetic for you.

Given the cost, the NHS can’t fund many of these limbs but we can include them in your claim. That’s why it’s important to instruct a solicitor who specialises in amputation claims.

When should I start my claim?

The sooner you instruct Cyclinglawyer the sooner we can start to help you get back to living a safe, fulfilling life. Give one of our approachable solicitors a call on 01446 794199 and we can explain what we can do for you.

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