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Broken Bones

Riding a bike can be a wonderful way to travel but cyclists on the road are fragile in a way that car drivers aren’t.

Being thrown from your bike can lead to fractured wrists and collar bones, and riders in traffic are particularly susceptible to leg injuries.

If you do suffer a fracture in an accident, it’s important to understand both the short term impact and the long term prognosis of the fracture before getting the most compensation possible.

Cyclinglawyer’s dedicated solicitors will fully investigate your claim to make sure you get every penny you deserve.


Are all breaks the same?

No, and the type of break you have will have a major impact on the type of recovery you have. While simple greenstick fractures can heal within a few months, some fractures never unite and can cause long term problems affecting mobility or strength.

While some solicitors send clients to GPs for medical assessment after an accident or even settle “pre-med” we know it’s important to have your injury assessed by a senior orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in traumatic injury.

What about an early offer?

Defendant insurers are always keen to settle claims before the injured person knows what their long-term prognosis is, and this is doubly so with broken bones, which have  uncertain outcomes. Cyclinglawyer makes sure we fully understand the potential value of your case before settlement which leads to the maximum compensation.

Inter-articular fractures

just as important as the type of fracture is where that break is. Fractures in and around  joints can cause lifelong symptoms. They can cause osteoarthritis, and may even lead to the need for a joint replacement. Where clients suffer inter-articular fractures, we make sure that future medical costs and potential loss of earnings claims are factored into any settlement.

What help can I get?

When you’ve suffered a nasty fracture the two most important things are treatment and financial support, so that you can focus on your recovery.

We will make sure that you get access to the best private treatment, whether you need surgery or physiotherapy.

We can also get interim payments as your claim progresses so that you don’t have to worry about paying the bills.

How much will I get?

The nature of your brake and long term prognosis for your injury will make all the difference to the amount of damages you can claim but the compensation for fractures can be very significant.

Give Cyclinglawyer a call on 01446 794199 and we can assess what you can claim for and how much you might get.

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