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Fatal Accidents

We understand that no amount of money can compensate for the loss of a loved one, but knowing that your financial future is secure is one less thing to worry about at this difficult time.

If the accident was caused by someone else then you can claim compensation.


Who can claim after a fatal accident?

If you are a dependent of the person who was killed, then you may be able to claim. The court considers a dependent to mean a spouse, a civil partner, or children of the deceased.

People who live together and were in a long-term relationship can also claim. Long term in this case generally means 2 years or more, and there are specific rules as to how this is evidenced.

Our specialist solicitors will be able to assess whether you might have a claim and the initial consultation can be done over the phone, at no cost.

What can I claim after a fatal accident?

The cost of the funeral and any other incidental expenses can be claimed as well as any other costs related to their accident or its aftermath.

A claim can also be made for financial dependency. This is a claim for the loss of the financial input of the deceased into to the household. While the court will make a small deduction for the money which they would have spent on themselves, this claim can be very substantial, particularly where the deceased was the main breadwinner in the family.

You can claim an award for the pain and suffering of the deceased, for the time between the accident and their death. The amount of the award will be based on whether they were aware during that period.

You can also claim a statutory bereavement award as the person who has lost a loved one.

What’s an inquest?

An inquest is an investigatory hearing to determine how a person has died. It is presided over by a coroner rather than a judge, and it is not the purpose of an inquest to apportion blame, but rather to determine the facts surrounding the deceased’s death.

If you think you may have a claim, it is important that you have legal representation at the inquest.  It can be an important opportunity to find out information which can help your claim later.

How do I know if I have a claim?

We can help you with a no-charge, no-obligation assessment. Our expert fatal accident solicitors can discuss your claim over the phone and let you know whether you have a claim.

Can I make a fatal injury claim no-win, no-fee?

Yes. If our fatal accident specialists think you have a claim, we will always act on a no win-no fee basis. That way you can pursue the compensation you need without risk.

Once instructed, we’ll help you every step of the way, and you’ll have a direct line to your own personal solicitor, rather than being passed around assistants and secretaries.

Is it worth making a claim?

A fatal injury claim after a cycling accident can only get you money. We know that no amount of money can ease the grief caused by the sudden death of a loved one, but getting the right compensation can help provide finical security for the future.

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