Hit & Run

Whether it’s because drivers are genuinely unaware that there has been contact, or because they don’t consider cycling accidents to be serious, or a genuine attempt to leave the scene of an accident, proportionally, cyclists are the victims of more hit and run accidents than any other type of road user.

That’s where we come in. 

Cycling Lawyer have an experienced, professional team with a proven track record of getting compensation for clients involved in a hit and run accident.

Can I claim after a hit and run accident?

Yes, even where the driver is never identified, you can still make a claim.

Who do I claim against in a hit and run?

If you’re injured in a hit and run accident when cycling then you can claim against the motor insurers’ bureaux (or MIB as they tend to be known).  They are a backstop insurer for claims against untraced drivers.

Do I need to report it to the police?

You should always report hit and run accidents to the police. It's best to do so sooner rather than later, and always within 2 weeks of the accident happening.

I didn’t report the accident to the police, can I still claim?

Yes, though the process will be a bit more involved.  Normally the MIB will confirm the nature of the accident with the police.  If it’s not reported to the police then we will need to evidence the accident from other sources like witness evidence or medical records.

What if the driver is identified after I've started my claim?

The MIB has the power to direct any insurer to deal with a claim.  If the driver is identified after a claim is made then the MIB just redirect against the correct insurer and your claim carries on.

Will the MIB try to reject my claim?

Quite possibly. They are a statutory body who are supposed to be impartial as to whether they payout, but they are funded by big insurance.  Commercial reality means that they don’t pay out if they can avoid it, so those funders can pay less in.

Do I need a specialist solicitor for a cycling claim against the MIB?

You definitely do. The MIB often reject claims they shouldn’t and when they do the claims process if both arcane, and completely different to the normal court process. Specialist knowledge can make all of the difference.

Would my claim be no-win, no-fee?

Yes. We can deal with your hit and run case on a no win-no fee basis.  If we’re not successful, you won’t pay a penny.